Right now, i'm out in the country parts of NSW documenting the severe drought affecting so many farmers, their crops and livestock.

It would mean the world to me if you could head to the link below to find out more and to donate - EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!


I'll also be documenting my journey through FACEBOOK so you can get updates on where I am and what's going on.
Please take the time to understand what's happening, it's the driest period in over 30 years here in NSW.


A little about me

I am a photographer & filmmaker working with brands and businesses in the outdoor adventure, fitness and lifestyle industry. I work with these people to create compelling and incredible imagery that shows their product or service in a completely new and creative way.

Opportunities which can bring me new relationships and adventures is what I love most about my job. Currently have shot for brands and services in Norway, Italy, Austria, Bhutan, India New Zealand, Canada and of course all parts of Australia.

The way I create my work is a little different. I look for unique ways to engage your audience whether through beautiful visuals or strong stories. I work with select people who I connect with and understand. I want to showcase only the best of a business, or athlete or place. Your story is told through my passion.







The services I provide go beyond any traditional photography or videography service. I provide an all in one to give direction to your business, event, personality or any of your endeavours. I will satisfy all areas of the creative process. I know what works, and that’s you and I!

I offer photography, videography, aerial services, time-lapse photography, 360 video production and professional audio. I understand the process can be daunting and I'm are here to help. Learn more here!