Crash - North Avoca

There's a place I love to hang out. It overlooks one of my favourite Central Coast locations, and offers incredible views as the sun rises and sets. 

This place allows me to shoot some incredible compositions, and opens up possibilities that you may see from a helicopter. It's also a great launch pad for a drone and just a cool hang out spot. I've shot here in the morning, day time, afternoon and at night.

One morning the skies were clear, and for no particular reason I came to this location to look for something new. Sometimes on the right swell and conditions, the waves crash against the rocks with a lot of power. On this morning, they were, and I was stoked!

I shot all angles I could with the drone just after the sun came up, and spent another half an hour like a machine gum looking down on top of the water. It was a way to be creative, but appreciate this world as well.

Here's some images and a new video to check out! I'd love to get your thoughts on this one :)


The hidden West

This past weekend I spent some time around the Bathurst/Orange area. I was able to come across a pretty amazing place right on sunrise, followed by a few killer locations close by.

It's always rewarding finding a place which I haven't seen before. Breaking away from chasing other photographers shots and simply getting lost can lead to some spectacular shots. 

I followed a road I found which took me to a wind farm. Setting my sights on shooting these enormous structures, the dirt road took me over a bridge and around some corners. The lake in the early morning was full of a thin sheet of mist. As the sun rise, the mist became golden and a small little island made for some amazing images. 

Following this spot, within a few kilometres was small patches of yellow trees filled with vibrance. Placed around roads and barns, I soon had spent over an hour in drone flying time to capture these. After a few hours, it was time to take what I had and run with it. 

Often times it's great to break away from the norm and just see where a road leads. Keep an eye on your fuel and drive. You may come away with nothing, but it only makes the time you find something amazing more worth while.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, i'd love to hear from you!


Stars at their peak!

I never thought of the Central Coast as a great spot for capturing the stars. Being surrounded by a lot of suburban areas, it never crossed my mind that the milky way could look so intense.. Until a few nights back.

This time of year, the Milky Way rises over the pacific ocean at around 8pm. With the sun setting quite early, and the new moon, there are a few key opportunities to see the universe in the most incredible way. You won't believe you can see it a 20 minute drive at most from where you are on the Central Coast.

For me, I headed out to Spoon Bay, which after a short walk, doesn't have too much in the way. A beautiful view of Terrigal lights up to the South, but not enough to distract you from the light show directly above.

I spent around 3 hours here the other night shooting some of my favourite images. I couldn't get over how I was overlooking the endless ocean while watching the stars move, even lucky  enough to see a shooting star, which, if you look for long enough, aren't as rare as you might think.

Here are a few images from the night. I could have spent all night out there, but wasn't equipped for a camp. It was tempting though!



Explore Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls is an incredible place, with a great hike, so much to see on the way, and a pretty impressive Waterfall, viewable from top to bottom..

I spent 3 partial days at this location , really trying to nail the shots I wanted originally. This was a must see when I came into Whistler, and for good reason!

The trek begins with a 400m walk to the main lookout of the Falls. This in itself is beautiful enough, but the closer the better right! So me and two guys you'll see a lot of, Adam & Brendan made the steep walk down to the bottom. The length is ok, but with a small abseil and steep and unsteady rocks, it's something to take time doing.

The trail takes you through an absolutely incredible Forested area, with Moss everywhere you look. It take a few hundred metres to reach the edge of the Falls to where you are gobsmacked at the size when viewed from ground level. The power and wind can be felt from 50m away.

I wasn't game enough to get too close with my Gear, after already dealing with copious amounts of water spray from a safe distance, and I wasn't too keen to take the Drone too close either. The boys dealt with the heavy winds and drenching conditions,  and I got some of my favourite images so far. We were all super stoked to say the least.

So check out the Film, and take a look at a handful of images from my time at Brandywine Falls. Leave a comment here, or on Youtube, and don't forget to follow me on Snapchat and other Socials.

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Explore the Khutzeymateen

Explore the Bears of the Khutzeymateen and see them in their natural environment. Canada's Grizzly Bears are some of the most beautiful animals in the world.

Exploring these Bears in one of few places in the World you can encounter them so close was an absolute privilege. The Khutzeymateen bear sanctuary is home to over 50 bears, all protected and in their natural environment as it should be all over the world.

I spent 4 days in this incredible place. We arrived by Floatplane, landing right into the estuary only within 200 metres from our first grizzly sighting. We headed straight there to grab some images before settling in.

Day 1 was an extreme success, spotting 2 Sisters around 7 years old. They are extremely calm around people, and we were able to get very close to them. We spent a fair amount of time with these two, and watched 1 swim around 20 metres between land. As well as these two beautiful bears, we spent some time with a mum & cub, who we would eventually see every day of the tour, and a few younger bears to top it off.

Day 2 began perfectly, with great overcast conditions. This soon turned into miserable rainy weather, however were still able to get some great shots of the mum & cub who swam short distances and made their way through the sedge grass. We didn't stay out too long, and with the changing tide made our way back to our accommodation for some coffee and lunch!

The rest of this day was spent on the boat relaxing and learning before the next day where we would see a whole bunch of bears! We firstly spent about an hour with a young 4 year old Bear, as he crossed the estuary, about 1km in length. He walked along the waters edge for some time before heading into the bush for a nap. We moved on and came across the mum & cub from previous days, as well as 3 other large bears throughout the rest of the day.

Our time, summed up, was quite incredible, getting just a few metres from the bears on a few occasions. Some were placid, while others were timid. Overall, an incredible experience in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. See the images and film below.