Explore Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls is an incredible place, with a great hike, so much to see on the way, and a pretty impressive Waterfall, viewable from top to bottom..

I spent 3 partial days at this location , really trying to nail the shots I wanted originally. This was a must see when I came into Whistler, and for good reason!

The trek begins with a 400m walk to the main lookout of the Falls. This in itself is beautiful enough, but the closer the better right! So me and two guys you'll see a lot of, Adam & Brendan made the steep walk down to the bottom. The length is ok, but with a small abseil and steep and unsteady rocks, it's something to take time doing.

The trail takes you through an absolutely incredible Forested area, with Moss everywhere you look. It take a few hundred metres to reach the edge of the Falls to where you are gobsmacked at the size when viewed from ground level. The power and wind can be felt from 50m away.

I wasn't game enough to get too close with my Gear, after already dealing with copious amounts of water spray from a safe distance, and I wasn't too keen to take the Drone too close either. The boys dealt with the heavy winds and drenching conditions,  and I got some of my favourite images so far. We were all super stoked to say the least.

So check out the Film, and take a look at a handful of images from my time at Brandywine Falls. Leave a comment here, or on Youtube, and don't forget to follow me on Snapchat and other Socials.

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