Stars at their peak!

I never thought of the Central Coast as a great spot for capturing the stars. Being surrounded by a lot of suburban areas, it never crossed my mind that the milky way could look so intense.. Until a few nights back.

This time of year, the Milky Way rises over the pacific ocean at around 8pm. With the sun setting quite early, and the new moon, there are a few key opportunities to see the universe in the most incredible way. You won't believe you can see it a 20 minute drive at most from where you are on the Central Coast.

For me, I headed out to Spoon Bay, which after a short walk, doesn't have too much in the way. A beautiful view of Terrigal lights up to the South, but not enough to distract you from the light show directly above.

I spent around 3 hours here the other night shooting some of my favourite images. I couldn't get over how I was overlooking the endless ocean while watching the stars move, even lucky  enough to see a shooting star, which, if you look for long enough, aren't as rare as you might think.

Here are a few images from the night. I could have spent all night out there, but wasn't equipped for a camp. It was tempting though!



Andrew Cooney