Crash - North Avoca

There's a place I love to hang out. It overlooks one of my favourite Central Coast locations, and offers incredible views as the sun rises and sets. 

This place allows me to shoot some incredible compositions, and opens up possibilities that you may see from a helicopter. It's also a great launch pad for a drone and just a cool hang out spot. I've shot here in the morning, day time, afternoon and at night.

One morning the skies were clear, and for no particular reason I came to this location to look for something new. Sometimes on the right swell and conditions, the waves crash against the rocks with a lot of power. On this morning, they were, and I was stoked!

I shot all angles I could with the drone just after the sun came up, and spent another half an hour like a machine gum looking down on top of the water. It was a way to be creative, but appreciate this world as well.

Here's some images and a new video to check out! I'd love to get your thoughts on this one :)