The hidden West

This past weekend I spent some time around the Bathurst/Orange area. I was able to come across a pretty amazing place right on sunrise, followed by a few killer locations close by.

It's always rewarding finding a place which I haven't seen before. Breaking away from chasing other photographers shots and simply getting lost can lead to some spectacular shots. 

I followed a road I found which took me to a wind farm. Setting my sights on shooting these enormous structures, the dirt road took me over a bridge and around some corners. The lake in the early morning was full of a thin sheet of mist. As the sun rise, the mist became golden and a small little island made for some amazing images. 

Following this spot, within a few kilometres was small patches of yellow trees filled with vibrance. Placed around roads and barns, I soon had spent over an hour in drone flying time to capture these. After a few hours, it was time to take what I had and run with it. 

Often times it's great to break away from the norm and just see where a road leads. Keep an eye on your fuel and drive. You may come away with nothing, but it only makes the time you find something amazing more worth while.

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