I work alongside Fotoworkshops to create amazing short films to promote their luxury photography tours all over the world. Together, we have travelled to New Zealand, Bhutan, Norway, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, India and multiple parts of Australia to produce beautiful content to share these places and what they offer.

In 2017, I capture the beauty of the Australian Alpine in Winter. We spent a week on one of the best Australian photography tours capturing wild Brumbies, snow covered rivers and mountains, beautiful landscapes on sunset and experiencing the best food and accommodation in the area.


Come on a once in a lifetime experience inside the Arctic circle under the northern lights and surrounded by fjords. Lofoten offers an incredible variety, giving any photographer a playground of options. I worked alongside Fotoworkshops to deliver this film, spending a week in the Lofoten Islands. What we experienced and captured is something you won't get anywhere else. The knowledge of the guides, mixed with the dramatic landscape and amazing conditions gave us so much to shoot and see.