For the last 10 years, I’ve been a content creator, serving other peoples visions. I built a successful business, serving over 130 clients in a huge variety of fields, from tourism and corporate to sports, events and lifestyle. I found my passion early at 14 when I picked up my Dad’s camera. I honestly fell in love with Photography from there, and built a big social following through Facebook quite early on. I spent my school years shooting nature and landscapes, and after school, created my business and went full time photographer after a trip to Norway in 2013.


Since then, I’ve travelled the world to see the lights of the arctic, the bears Canada and the colours of India. I’ve experienced the nights by Uluru, the hot air Balloons of Byron Bay, climbed the mountains of Germany and captured the beautiful, picture perfect snow piled churches of Slovenia. 


With all of things that I’ve experienced and achieved, there is one thing that has lacked in my life up until now, and it’s been the scariest thing to uncover, admit and take action on. It was serving my own vision. 


I am so excited, because I know that of all there is to see, do, understand and realise, I haven’t even taken a peak at my potential. And so now, I want to share what I believe, what I understand and what I create that serves me in the most profound and beautiful ways. I’m not here to convince or prove anything to anybody, I’m simply here to express my own self and show my own potential.



With this platform, I’ll be talking and creating content on the ideas, beliefs, resources and experiences that I know have really challenged and shaped me. Love, relationships, business, spirituality, personal development, even some quite controversial subjects like psychedelics and cannabis that I believe without, wouldn’t have me talking right here, right now. I’ll also be chatting with some f the minds that I look up to and appreciate to bring even more value to whoever would like to tune in here.


My name is Andrew Cooney, and I’m a freedom creator and a visionary with a deep passion for understanding who I am, who we are, and what we are capable of doing, being and understanding in this world. Welcome to my Podcast.

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