If You Can Feel One Thing Today

If you can feel one thing today, feel love ❤️

As someone who has feared love in the past, and who still does, this feeling can be scary for me. When faced with an opportunity to love, we often hide behind a mask that protects us from that vulnerability of our inner child who just wants to be held and felt wanted. We have our walls high and our guards up, and it leads to total disconnect.

To love fully is so foreign to many of us now. I know that in times of euphoria and complete connectedness, I don’t want to be anywhere else, but then the conditioning of the past tells me it’s wrong to be that way. It brings me back to the place where I feel comfortable, separating myself from raw emotion and purity. Why do we do this?

Today is an opportunity to rewire those patterns, one conscious effort at a time. It’s an opportunity to look someone properly in the eyes, to express something you see in them that makes them feel beautiful inside and raises the energy of everyone in the room, not extinguish it. It’s an opportunity of growth that will allow us to embrace others, and ultimately find more love in ourselves as well 🙏🏽


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