My Podcast is here!

For a very long time now, I've wanted to express myself differently than just my landscape & nature images. I enjoy getting out, but there's so much more going on in my mind than just composing a beautiful image, and that has been really hard to pin point and create something of.

When I was in Bali in February, I had the idea of creating a podcast that shared my believes, thoughts and ideas on various topics. I've invested a lot of time in the last few years on my personal development and thinking deeper on the often overlooked areas of life.

Over the last few years, I've experienced some amazing places and people through my work, but now I'm excited to open a new door to reveal more of who I am. Now more than ever, I'm feeling incredibly creative, and am enjoying getting out to shoot in nature, but while in nature, the things that come to me are what I now want to speak on.

Right now, I don't have a definitive path for my podcast. This may make me seem unprepared, but it's the way I've intentionally chosen to go. As you listen, you'll begin to understand more on me and create your own interpretation of my platform, but I'm leaving it open to my creativity and what flows through.

I'm excited to talk on personal & spiritual development, love & relationships, psychedelics, and have on guests who I really value to talk on similar and more in depth topics.

For my listeners, I want you to walk away with a new perspective and understanding on some of the most universal things that we all face in our lives. I hope that you can relate to these, and look through a new lens, because this is what has lead and helped me along my journey.

So now enjoy the podcast, here are the first 2 episodes which I've just launched!

I'd love any feedback or reviews. This is very deeply personal to me, so any comments, both good or constructive are welcome. I don't take offence easily.

Have a great day!


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