Share The Smile

I was hanging out one Sunday night, in a really inspired mood. I wanted to do something create, something I hadn't done before and something that made people stop.

I didn't have a shovel, I didn't have a wheelbarrow. All I had was a big container, so at 4am, I woke, took my container down to Terrigal Beach, and began to scoop.

I didn't know how long it would take me, or how it would look, but as the ambient light grew stronger, I dug faster. It was cold and I didn't wear gloves. Wrong idea when the edges of the bucket/container were sharp and the sand was heavy.

I finished the small piece just as the sun was rising, and began to shoot drone images that combined a simple message, and nature.

I don't know if this made anyone smile, but walking down the beach at 4am, playing "Sahara Love" by Above & Beyond with tears down my eyes just feeling the most gratitude for the life I have was special. I didn't create this for vitality, I created it for that one person that needed a smile.


I can give many reasons to smile today, but the most important one is because it has the power to change someone’s life.

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